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19 feb. 2017




 http://www.englishwsheets.com/used_to.html (free printable worksheets)

Using English for Academic Purposes
A Guide for Students in Higher Education  
Listening Comprehension and Note-Taking


 Evalua tu nivel de Inglés


English Language Level Test

This is a series of quick tests that will give you a rough idea of your level of English on a scale of 0 to 5.

There are five tests altogether at different levels. The five levels are very approximately:

Level Description CEFR Cambridge ESOL IELTS TOEFL
Level 0 No knowledge of English
Level 1 Elementary level of English A2 KET 3.0 400/97/32
Level 2 Low intermediate level of English B1 PET 4.0 450/133/45
Level 3 High intermediate level of English B2 FCE 5.0 500/173/61
Level 4 Advanced level of English C1 CAE 6.0 550/213/80
Level 5 Proficient in English C2 CPE 7.0 600/250/100


    Keep Going!
Utilizamos el verbo "to keep" con el gerundio (ing) en el 

imperativo para decir, o animar a alguien a que siga haciendo algo.

    To manage                   
"Conseguir hacer algo"  también significa :           "to manage to do something"


La estructura que ves en el título es sencilla en ingles, pero los españoles siempre cometen muchos errores con ella. Simplemente tienes que insertar un nombre, o pronombre complemento (me, you, him, her, us, them) entre “want” más el verbo en infinitivo.

Ojo: Nunca decimos "want that" + pronombre complemento

La estructura correcta sería:
(Subject + Verb to want + Someone + To + Infinitive)

  • Kyle wants me to read this everyday
  • He wants me to master this structure
  • He wants me to read it aloud
  • He wants me to get accustomed to indirect imperatives
  • He wants me to know this structure inside-out
  • He wants me to use it perfectly
  • He wants me to use it with agility

Lee en voz alta la siguiente lista para reforzar la estructura.

  • I want you to fix the printer
  • They want you to adjust the size
  • She wants me to call her
  • He wants us to go there
  • I want her to tell me the truth
  • You want them to build it for us
  • He wants my mother to make it for him
  • She wants the President to resign
  • We want our kids to do their homework
  • You want me to finish the assignment
  • They want my brother to do it
  • I want you to work harder
  • You want me to teach you grammar
  • He wants the robot to do all the work
  • She wants there to be a pill for English
  • We want the government to lower taxes
  • You want the weather to be good
  • They want us to practice in the past tense
  • He wants the teacher to explain the rules
  • They want me to speak English

  • I wanted to clean off the table
  • You wanted John to call the plumber
  • He wanted his mother to cook him a paella
  • She wanted us all to work as hard as we could
  • We wanted Real Madrid to win
  • You wanted the Olympics to be held here
  • They wanted me to train my dog.

  • Batman wanted Robin to help him
  • Mickey Mouse wanted Minnie to marry him
  • Hillary Clinton wants Bill to behave himself
  • McCartney wanted Lennon to break up with Yoko Ono
  • Sherlock Holmes wanted Watson to help him
  • Napoleon wanted his troops to move into Spain
  • Luke Skywalker wants Han Solo to fight the Empire
  • Lois Lane wants Superman to kiss her


     Vamos a ver un uso curioso del verbo modal “should”. Al invertir el orden de “should” y el sujeto, “should” funciona como “if” en un condicional futuro (cuando el verbo de la otra oración se expresa en el futuro) o en un “0” condicional (cuando el otro verbo se expresa en un imperativo).

    Si llego tarde, empezad sin mí. 
    Should I be late, just start without me.

    Si llegas temprano, cógete una cerveza de la nevera. 
    Should you get there early, just help yourself to a beer.

    Si te pierdes, llama a este número. 
    Should you get lost, call this number.

    Si no puedes encontrar el hotel, llama a este número. 
    Should you be unable to find the hotel, call this number.

    Si nadie contesta, inténtalo un poco más tarde.
    Should nobody answer, try a little later.

    No olvides que la estructura siempre ha de ser “should” + pronombre sujeto + infinitivo sin “to”.
    “Should” en estos casos no tiene nada que ver con ‘debería’, sino que equivale a ‘si’ o ‘en el caso de que’.

    Cuando la condición que queremos indicar se expresa en negativo la estructura es la siguiente: “should” + pronombre sujeto + “not” + infinitivo sin “to”.

    Si no te acuerdas de llamarme, te llamaré yo. 
    Should you not remember to call me, I’ll call you.

    Si no llego puntual, empezad sin mí. 
    Should I not be on time, just start without me.

    Si él no sabe la respuesta, intenta preguntárselo a Jane. 
    Should he not know the answer, try asking Jane.

    Si no funciona el código de acceso que te di, inténtalo con éste.
    Should the access code I gave you not work, try this one.

    Si él no está cuando vengas, probablemente estará en el pub de enfrente.
    Should he not be there when you call round, he’ll probably be in the pub opposite.

      Much / Many / A lot

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