Enseñanza Bilingüe en Infantil y Primaria

16 sept. 2015


This just an example of a Grade 3 (8 year olds) chant, composed by the pupils, (with a little help from the teacher, of course!).

One, two, three, four

This is a hat, this is a hat,
What do you wear on your head?
A hat!

These are two gloves, these are two gloves,
What do you wear on your hands?
Two gloves!

Look at these shoes, look at these shoes,
What do you wear on your feet?
Brown shoes!



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 Here are just a few of the reasons why I love teaching with music:
  • Songs are memorable. Kids remember them long after they leave the classroom.
  • Songs are a great equalizer. Everyone can participate in one way or another. This makes them great for mixed-level classes.
  • Songs improve pronunciation and intonation.
  • Songs introduce vocabulary and grammar without learners even realizing it.
  • Songs are engaging. They grab kids’ attention.
  • Songs can be used many times. They provide valuable repeated exposure to the language.
  • Songs let all learners participate in a way that’s comfortable for them. Some kids will just listen, others will listen and gesture, and some will sing along. All of the children will benefit.
  • Songs are flexible. They can be used as a primary or supplementary activity, or they can just be played in the background.
  • Songs allow children to get involved. They can use their bodies to learn through gesture and dance.
  • Songs are easy to combine with other activities.
  • Songs are fun and positive. They create a great atmosphere for learning.
  • Kids love to sing!




Music touches us in ways that no other medium can, making it a powerful teaching tool.
Songs are memorable, engaging, flexible, educational, and FUN!
Many experts agree that music is linked to memory and can increase success when learning languages.
Music can make at-home activities much more fun and engaging, too!


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